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Hey all,

I hope its cool to start a thread here. I finally got back to work on my car as the weather has sucked around here for some time.

I changed the rear axle and also changed to coil overs. I finally got them mounted tonight. The other rear end I had was narrow and that caused the body to be kinda hiked up. It was just too narrow and made the body have to sit too high. With this stock width axle I can lower the body down some between the wheels. But the rear crossmember would have slapped the rear end so I had to alter it some. I hope nobody yells at me for my mod but here it is. If I could hold a camera right it would look better.. Next is panhard.


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Looks good gasser. :good: Keep up with the good work and also pictures. :rulz:

I am at a point on the rear axle that has me stumped. Its the brake lines. I cannot seem to get them bent just right (have a nice lil tubing bender) and have ruined a pile of rigid lines. I was hoping somebody could give me a few pointers.

I was thumbing through the Speedway oval track catalog and saw some braided brake lines in lengths. Has anybody ever used anything like that, fastened correctly for rear brake lines?????

Please, no laughing.
Hey Gasser let me help you out. No, do not use flex or braided lines on that rear axle. It is important to use hard lines as flex lines may cause a spongy pedal from the lines expanding under pressure. Hope that helps.
Hey Gasser let me help you out. No, do not use flex or braided lines on that rear axle. It is important to use hard lines as flex lines may cause a spongy pedal from the lines expanding under pressure. Hope that helps.

I know of 2 different T's that use braided steel brake hose for the entire brake system and the pedal is hard all the time.
Why didnt you post that days ago? I joined and donated to this site as I saw it as hopefuly different that the others. Thanks though, ive already made one line for my rear that is "right". Still one to go.

If i had read this before yesterday, I would have ordered the braided lines and be done with it BUt I talked to a Speedway tech (always helpful) and he recommended that I did it in hard lines. So I got one side just right with one to go.

Thanks, If i cannot get this other half just right , then I may use the braided ones.
WIth the help of my buddy, I finally got the body back on the completed chassis. I will do something with those ugly wheelwells later.


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Radiator and middle seat from Chrysler minivan.


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Running and almost driving. Has full electrical (Rebel 8), and all hoses and the belt is on. Only thing left to drive is steering hookup, fuel tank (RPM) and some exhaust. Few other minor details as well. Solid lift motor sounds great with just the blockhuggers.

Here 'tis


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Sure you can post here good job keep the pics coming
Can i say one thing that would really make your car look great.
Ditch the IFS and install a I beam spring over . UNLESS you are going to run the full fender JMHO dont shoot me
While im judging your top is saying Daddy take about 4 inches off please. Ha Ha
The Stock top is what makes that car.. comfort and you can see out.. Are you planning to run stock type fenders?? or just the high boy look with no fenders? A bit late about info on the rear brake hoses to the rear wheel brake cyls. I hook them up the very same as the fronts, a hose to the frame on each side, (just make them long enough for full suspension travel) no ugly line running across the housing... You are getting close, keep it up and you will be styling soon... :)
I try hard not to reply to posts unless I really know what I'm talking about but, on this one I have to get in here and agree with Ted. Don't chop that top cause it's near impossible to reverse. I really like this car and if it were mine I would probably narrow the rear axle, run rear fenders only and be in love with my car JMO...........ruggs
Thanks all,

When I bought this pile of parts, the body had never been mated to the frame. The firewall had been recessed to make it somewhat fit together. It had a narrowed 8" and the wheelwells of the car were jacked up but I can fix that later. It already had the IFS. I will be keeping that as it is. I have done everything myself with no real tools to speak of and outside the door of a 1 car garage. Ive tried to hit it every day. Some of it turned out nice, some not so nice. I bet its gonna haul azz.
I think i got pounced for an opinion. Its just that an opinion . The car is very nice i do like it the way it is also . Just an opinion of a casual on looker.
I hear that all the time, chop the top... Chopped tops are fun to look AT!! but not fun to drive IMHO, I have worked on several and it feels like you are in a shoe box with slits in it for windows... I good friend did have a late Chevy pickup with a good chop, only chopped top I liked to ride in and was easy to see out.. I think if you sit close to the windshield, it makes it a lot easier to see and drive safely... I hope no offence was takin about me liking/loving a stock topped T sedan or coupe, like I said earlier, what turns one on, turns another off, LIFE... no biggy :)
Ted your a peach i cant get mad at you.

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