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360cid with a C6 transmission...will it work?

Alabama Mike

New Member
I did a quick search and didn't find what I was looking for so I figured I'd ask here.

I have a line on a 1972 F100 XLT with a 360 and C6 transmission. I also have a Total body and chassis in need of a motor/tranny combo. I was planning to run a 302 that I already have and mating it up with a C4 tranny that I would have to buy. I can get the 360/C6 at a pretty good price, but I'm not sure if the C6 is too big for the car. Is anyone running a 360/C6 combo? Your thoughts please.

John Jr's ride is a 390 and c6 and the trans is HUGE, but it works, and the fe looks neeto.
nothing wrong with too much transmission or to many cubic inches :biggrin:
it will make that 429 merc swap coming up in the future alot easier
Thanks for the imput guys. I figured that more was better, but didn't want to end up with too much. Anyway, the price is right, so I think I'll move on it and see what happens.
I initially was going with a 428CJ and C6 combo but it was to heavy and way to long, my driveshaft was going to be less than 4 long. I sold this setup and went with a 302 and C4 combo which seems to be perfect and my driveshaft is 12 long. Just my two pennies.

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