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4-bangers for buckets


In "Ron's '27 Modified Build" thread, there was a little diversion to a short discussion of 4-bangers, where Youngster, Tfeverfred and Todd threw in some good info and pics. This really got my interest going. I've still got that 'ol 283 to rebuild, but I want this car to be a driver, and with gas prices skyrocketing especially here in Canada...:eek:..well, you know what I mean.

Just thought it might be a neat idea to start a thread on 4 bangers and see where it goes. From what I've seen of the 153ci and 3.0L Chevs, they are mostly used as Mercruisers and go for big bucks around here. Still, would be nice to use my good TH350 trans.

Always looking for good opinions.
Ive been contemplating the same thing. Would like a 4 banger that would bolt up to my chevy bellhousing. Be even nicer if there was some dress up stuff available for it. I left just enough room to put an inline 6 in my bucket but might as well keep the 8, Ive always been the type to change drastically not just a little.. If nothing else it would be nice to have one on a stand ready to go when gas hits $5 here.
I seem to remember an ad years ago with Linda Vaughn in it that featured a Black w/ Flames T that had a 4 banger in it. Was kinda cool with a header on one side only. Funny thing is, I've been thinking of doing the same thing ......
Re: Question from New guy

H E L P ------

I'm a New 'Fellar to this Forum and can't figure out HOW to Post a New Thread?

I found this place where I can Post A Reply so, thought I'd ask the question here.

Realize this is not on subject of 4 Banger but, I'm lost. ??
5 years ago i got to go to the Streetrod Nats in Louiseville. I looked at at least a dozen T roadsters with 4 bangers in them. The most common engine was the 2.3 SOHC Ford.
Mercruiser has a 4 banger that has a 460 Ford head and a Chevy bellhousing pattern. They're over 3 litre. and I've heard they have a lot of potential.
I seem to remember an ad years ago with Linda Vaughn in it that featured a Black w/ Flames T that had a 4 banger in it. Was kinda cool with a header on one side only. Funny thing is, I've been thinking of doing the same thing ......

Yup, one of my favorites from long ago also.

There's 4 reasons I liked this pic. One of them is the T Bucket!;):)
The chromed thing with the pipes out one side and air filters out the other...the thing in the middle that shines, looks like a 2300cc Pinto engine. Very popular to get race parts for..And still pretty plentifull, used in lots of Ford stuff and other vehicles..
Here's my take on the 4 banger idea: I think it's great, especially in a light car.
Butttttt, if you guys are thinkin Gas Mileage here then I really think that using these old school Chevy 4's and ford Boat motors are goin kinda backwards, old Technoligy ,Just in My opinion..
If we want Mileage, then (I really hate to throw this out, it's kinda like ....Blastfamy !) Go with a rice burner or maybe one of the newer Ford or GM 4 bangers like a Saturn...Yea, kinda weird, they are made to sit sideways, so you'll have to build or find a adapter, and what to do with all the computer stuff???? But I think thats the gonna be the ticket as far as mileage along with a fair amount of Performance. Those Rice burners can produce some HP and still cruise at a good MPG...
I think building on the old GM 4's, iron dukes and all, and the little Ford iron 4's will be simple, resonable and fast as far as getting it up and running , but I don't think the milage will be that much better than a small 283/289/305/302 V-8....Ofcoarse this is mostely up to the driver anyway, If your like the rest of us (after all, why do we do this insane hot rod stuff at $5.00/gallon?) You like to listen to the pipes roar, and pipes make noise weather it's a 4 banger or a 6 or an 8.....LOL
Have fun !........ "BH"
The Chevy II, 153 engine shares the same bell housing pattern as it's big brother V-8's. Yep Craig, that 350th will bolt right up to it as will a 3, 4, or 5sp. As with all 4 cyl., the more gears, the easier it is for the engine to survive.

Another point to make here. Finding one of these great little powerhouses is getting more difficult by the day, but then so is finding vintage Ford parts. Being at the right place at the right time works the best. That's a situation you can create buy asking around and letting people know what you're looking for. Forums like this one are a great place to start. Local car clubs are another. Building a network of fellow car nuts takes time, but the benifits are well worth it.

I think you will find that 4 cyl. in the Hurst add is a hot Pinto engine with some of the formula V goodies on it. That is one of Dan Woods kits used as a base. Very awesome car if you like blondes!

May be I'm just too old school or something. The 2 drawbacks I have with the "ricers" are the computer and the aluminuim blocks. Sure they make the hp and go like stink, but I like simple.

As much fun as a 4cyl.can be, you just can't get that throaty, gut pleasing sound you get from a V-8. JMO

I just spent the week dealing with an old c 80 chevy truck the neighbor bought that was 30 ft long.
Building a hitch so we could tow it home, build a new heavy duty engine stand to hold the 409 that was in it, wondering if it would get thru the shop door and then if I had enough ceiling clearance to get the engine out. All went well. Now here I sit talkin about 4 bangers! lol In my world if im gonna keep on rodding Im seriously looking at the 4 banger option.
TfeverFred, that's the photo I was talking about. I had forgotten about the T being a Dan Woods car with the coil spring front suspention. I'm hitting the junk yard this afternoon to see if I can find a Toyota 22R motor and trans. Shouldn't be too difficult to make / adapt engine & trans mounts to fit...
Just looking at the replies here, looks like I'm not alone with the 4 banger idea. Who knows, I might end up with the 'ol 283 after all. But I think the key is to stay away from the computerized systems and, yup, keep it simple (there's no one more simple than

For GM stuff, there was some mention of the Quad4 and Iron Duke. Not sure if these were sidewinders.
The "Quad-4" is a sidewinder and the "Iron Duke" was too. I never looked to hard at thesebut the S-10, 4cyl' owes it linage to the old Chevy II 4. The problem with these cousins is that the head design was changed and because of that, the Merc goodies won't fit. I gotta tell ya, there is a night and day difference between the 153 and 181 versions.

I bought a track T back in March running a Pinto SOHC. I felt a track T should have a 4-banger so that's what I was lookng for. The engine was butt ugly so I've been working to dress it up but stuff can be little hard to find. Someone posted that a Mustang turbo valve cleaner could be modified, polished and dressed up so I did that - it looks pretty good. We only had a couple of miles on the car before starting the refurbish but it seems to have plenty of pep and sounds good with the 3.5 inch exhaust pipe. Space under the hood is minimal so I've been trying to fabricate an air cleaner enclosure that will clear. Currently getting ready to rewire everything.
Man, sweet job on that cover! It's good to read all the responces about the 4 bangers. Great motivation.
Boy Fred with you talking about those speedsters and the four bangers are sure getting contagious.I Love It.:lol:
Geo27T said:
Boy Fred with you talking about those speedsters and the four bangers are sure getting contagious.I Love It.:lol:

:lol:Old Henry is smiling in heaven. We're returning to our roots. :lol:

I don't know yet. I got the car in late March and have been doing discovery ever since. It's an automatic but I haven't found any ID numbers. I'm guessing it's the trans that originally came with the engine.

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