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A frame build you have to see

That's a ton of work. That guy is good. I did notice in one photo he had a BFH so he does relate to us of lesser talent with a tool we can all operate.
That guy has some serious skills.
This is a great example of what can be done in your own shop. There is no magic to a project like this. People tend to look at a frame like this as a whole. If you break it down into sub-assems, anyone with welding skills can do this. No one said a frame like this has to have the revel in it although it dose add to your bragging rights.

One big plus to building this "32 style frame for a Model A or T body is you don't have to deal with the sway back contour of a '32 frame. The '32 body had a slight curve to the bottom, unlike the T and A's.

Great post Todd. Did you have some reason for bringing this to our attention?

You mean besides a healthy respect for good work?

It couldn't be the T body I am picking up today would look sweet on a chassis like this :whistle:.
Holy Moly, that guys got skills! It never stops amazing me what people can do with a modest tool box.

man i saw this build also , this guy did a great job i have a chance to get a 34 frame with one missing rail im tempted to get it and make the missing rail and put my 34 cab on it
Honest to God guys anyone of you could do this! Start with a pattern of your body. Have 2 pieces of 10g broke into a channel. make enough cuts the top and bottom rail and pull it to the shape you need with a come-a-long. Add the front and rear frame sections. I like to put diamond plates inside at the seams. Install the front and rear cross members, then the center cross member. Now box the whole shebang. Voila! One '32 style frame. If you can put a tube frame together, you can do this too.

Capt' junk....There are several places you can get frame specs for a '34. Just download them and have at it. You're gonna love the bragging rights!

I agree with Ron. The reason most people never attempt something like that is that they get intimidated by the finished product. Look for the step in that process that you cannot do, and you probably wont find one, assuming you have the tools required anyway. If you can cut, weld, and grind, and have enough patience not to get in a hurry or bored, you could probably build a frame like that one.

The guy that built that frame did a very nice job, but I bet if you asked him, he would agree with me.

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