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A very deep sigh of relief


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I just got off the phone with Pete, out at Total Performance. And he had good news for me.

My kit shipped, yesterday afternoon. :yay:

But he had even better news. The shipping was less than HALF what I was anticipating! :D

Congratulations !!! :)
Congratulations Mike, the money you saved on shipping could be used for beer to lure your buddies over to help you unload it. :)
WOW!! parts money!! alright! what ya gonna buy with it?

Al, you can pull Mikes leg if you want to (another kilt thing?) but i'll just make faces at him.:)

Goooo Mike !!
yaaahooooooo Mike!!!


I have a truck bed full of T-Bucket frame and Total Performance boxes! With a body sitting in the back shop, waiting on me to come back to pick it up later.

I finally have parts in hand and I am happy as a clam!
:cussing: remember to show us pics as it comes off the truck and goes together
did a huge tube of glue come with it? LOL


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