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About the bash

Dennis Bynum

New Member
First of all I would like to say, If I dident say hello at the bash, I apoligise! I did try to say hello to everyone. I rolled in on thursday, made the dam cruz,stop at the nursing home,party at spirit,rodeo,officer Sell cruz,replace leaking water pump gaskets in the parking lot of hotel,show and shine,valve cover race,and BBQ, and of course the after hr partys in the parking lot of the ramada.What a great time was had. The best part of the whole thing for me was greeting old freinds and making new ones.
Nice meeting both of you. Randall sorry I broke the tub before you got there.

I think the best part of Dennis trip was laughing at my broke valve cover racer. Because he knows it would have won. :lol:
Who did win the V/C race?
Hey Ron, I think you MIGHT have beat Dennis in the valvecover race but my car was destined to win that one. I have to admit that Dennis put on a good show and that final run was pretty close but it just wasn't his day to win.

It was great to finally meet you in person after knowing you online for such a long time.
It was a great race and I was not thinking so I did not get a pic of Al with the trophy. Dennis gave him a great run for his money and everyone put on a great show for the crowd.

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