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Air Cleaner Suggestions..


Since I am going from dual carbs to a single I need to figure out what type of air cleaner to run. My first thought is a ribbed oval to match my valve covers, but not sure just yet. The valve covers and air cleaner can change the whole appearance of an engine (IMO). I did the hilborn scoop, but not putting that back on as I think a scoop looks better with two carbs sitting under it. So, my options are to either change just the air cleaner to match what I have or buy the cleaner and covers to change the look up. What do you guys think? Below is on top of my list right now, but not decided yet:

I have the one on the left and the scoop and swap between them like hats.
I like the one on the left.

If you aren't going to use the scoop, I'm looking for one!

Phil55 said:
I like the one on the left.

If you aren't going to use the scoop, I'm looking for one!


I actually have a dual carb setup for sale that includes the scoop, but if I cannot sell as a package I will sell as individual components.
Okay guys, I am not sure why I am having such a hard time with this, but I need your help picking out an air cleaner. I like the oval, but like other styles too and want something a little differnt. Anyway, give me some ideas and pics for something. While looks are important I want to make sure the new engine gets enough air. I would like something a little different than just a round cleaner, but do like the racing style ones. Post your pics and help me pick a "top hat" (thanks rooster) for the silver bullet.
I'm using the Moon oval, with their valve covers.

Its all a matter of taste and style...........:think:

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