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Hi all,
My name is Keoni. I purchased my first T-bucket two weeks ago for my wife. I was looking for a VW street dune buggy and showing her pictures. She said "That's cute but not COOL" looking at more pictures a T-bucket popped on screen and she got excited and said "NOW THAT'S COOL!!". So I started my hunt. I found one without an engine or transmissio. I'm currently looking for them now.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated! Hope to meet fellow T-bucket owners at local car meets.
Anyone near Pittsburgh PA here?
Welcome, AL. Advice is worth what you pay for it, but . . . the least expensive route is a small block Chevy engine and TH 350 automatic trans. That's in my bucket and has been reliable and powerful enough for this little car. The Ford guys will chime in to "keep a Ford in a Ford" but I ignore them. :D

I Like a Ford ina Ford like Spanky said, but we can overlook him.............Wellcome from Southeast New Mexico........
I think we all assume a T bucket is a Ford. Look at a picture of a 1923 Chevy roadster! With a turtle deck the Ford and Chevy look pretty much the same! If someone used a Chevy body to build his hotrod I’m not sure I could tell the difference unless they were side by side. Just sayin’
What was it built with? What is your wife’s driving preference, auto, standard, etc? Lots of options.
It had a Chevy BB with a blower and Muncie 4 speed. I think we will be going the same cBB but with auto trans. It's till an open book tho.
As for interior i believe it's a Ron Pope Big Boy body. Anyone here with one and do they make interiors that fit them or do I have to do a custom job?
If we’re going to be true to form, I guess a crank start flat head four cylinder is the choice! I get the blue oval thing but how many actual ford parts are on any of these plastic replicas? I like to see variations.
Buy a used truck with bb and auto trans. Even if you need to rebuild them.Cheaper.
How to build a T-Bucket for $3000.00 is a good read.

Just remember-- all it takes is $$$$$$ !;):sleep:

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