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Aloha from Indiana!


New Member
New guy here, just now found this place.
Read through some of the stuff to, wondering
where you can post stuff that IS NOT parts or
anything like that. I'm a pinstriper, and I sale
some stuff online to whenever I can.
Anyway I been pinstriping for about three years
now, was into cars since I was little.
Looks like a good place Think i'll stay a while and
linger around and check things out.

For Now
Welcome aboard. I envy anyone who can do pinstriping, how you hold your hand that still amazes me.

Post up some pictures of your work.

Welcome 1shot, :lol: pinstriping is truly an art. Pics? :lol:
Oh, we got a lineman in the neighborhood! Welcome and I'd like to see some of your work.:lol:

Welcome to the site 1shot! Hang around and give us some advice on your art. Gotta ask fur pics too. Check out the advertising here. It's very reasonable.

Thanks for the warm welcome boys!
Yep, lineman here spreading striped objects all over
the country lol Right now im striping some coke bottles.
There pretty kool.
So far I have had ALLOT of sales to Cali. and im striping some hotwheels
for a guy in cali to. Right now i have a tool im working on for a guy in arizona.

Here is it ok to post a link to my portfolio on my myspace page?

Here is the link:

And here is one of the pop bottles ( not pushing this as an advertisement or spamming just for show):;act=ST;f=3;t=11237

and that isn't the best bottle either, I got one done just today that hands that one its ass lol

What ya think of the stuff there guys?
I am in Bedford, Indiana. As of right now I don't have a car but im working on that. Know anyone that would have something for sale?

If ya ever make it down my way let me know ill stripe your car. :cool:

Mike said:
Welcome from Lafayette! Where in Indiana are you?

If you're looking to advertise your services on the forums, drop a Private Message to the Webmaster and he'll get the rate information to you.

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