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I just wanted to tell all of you what a great sight you have,i found it a couple of days ago and have had a hard time shutting the computer down to go to work.the wealth of knowledge,skill and love for hot rodding is awsome.last week i bought a corvette rearend ,a brass radiator from ebay and picking up my frame rail tomorrow,cant wait to get started .going to try to build a frame jig this weekend.this is probibaly going to take awile to build i also race dirt cars and my banker/wife although understanding sometimes does not release all of the funds i need.anyway enough for now i just wanted to say i really enjoyed and hope to keep enjoying this site. I hope all of you are happy now look at what you made me do!!!!.
:) You are right about this site its the best. My wife calls this sight and my car my addiction. Once again welcome and remember to post lots of pictures, these guys love pictures. They helped me alot when I posted pictures of things that had been tried and did not work.

:) to our great site.We like pics of new parts and builds.
Welcome to the site and if you get down south look us up. I am working on another T just to make my banker/wife upset, I guess. Lets go to Jal NM this weekend.........
Welcome to the forum turnleft65.
welcome :welcome:
Welcome to the site.
If you've been to other forums you will be amazed at not just the accumulated knowledge here but also how gentlemanly these folks are. Very refreshing.

Good luck on your build.
Posted a couple of pictures of my progress this weekend in the photo gallery if your interested. Thanks youngster for the pictures I dont want to copy all of your ideas but the spring perch and the tapered frame rails are awsome had to try them.I also want to thank you all for the warm welcome.
Looking good. keep us posted on your build.

Great pictures keep up the work and keep the pictures coming.

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