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An upcoming forum upgrade


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I'm posting this early, to give everyone a chance to read it and make any necessary changes to their accounts.

On Tuesday, 26 August, we will be upgrading to a new version of vBulletin's forum software. One of the changes in this upgrade will be the allowed password for each account.

From the vBulletin Web site -

[This upgrade] will contain bug fixes, but will also address a situation related to users that use their username as their password. In 3.6.11 and 3.7.3, this will be completely disallowed. Users affected by this will be forced to change their password on their first login.
I do hope none of you are using this type of password, as it does leave your account vulnerable to being cracked. I cannot stress enough the need for you to use different passwords on different sites and to change the passwords frequently.

The most effective password will contain a random arrangement of letters (both upper and lower-case) and numbers.
Thanks for the heads up Web.

Apologies for the brief bit of downtime this morning, while we performed the forum upgrade.

There were seven members that were risking account security by using their usernames as their passwords. To prevent those accounts from being cracked, the forum software has auto-magically re-set those passwords and sent an e-mail containing a new, temporary password to each of these users.

If any of you are experiencing difficulties logging into the forum (and are actually reading this message before pressing the panic button :rolleyes:), check your e-mail account for this new password. If you are still having problems logging in, then use the Contact Us link, located at the bottom of every forum page.

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