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Another bucket friend in MN


Thanks to youngster for the referral to this site. I have liked buckets for years. Had one when the kids were little and money was tight. Ron did an excellent job setting up the chassis from a pile of parts I had accumulated. Another friend has it and it is now road legal and get to take it for a spin once in a while. I also had a 31 model a tub that was on a T chassis. I will try to post up some photos of both.
Hey Todd, good to see you here. You'll find a great bunch of guys here. Feel free to post anytime.

Welcome Todd :rolleyes: Post up the pics when you have a chance. :)
Welcome aboard Todd!
Glad to see another minnesota face in here. Im up north by DL.
Welcome, Todd! Glad to see ya and look forward to reading about a project.:D

I've been a Vikings fan since they lost their first Superbowl to KC. Now I have someone to cry with during football season!:lol:

Friendly bunch, ain't they Todd? Better answer up soon or they coud get ugly!

I better warm up the scanner after work tonight. It appears the natives are restless.

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