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Another Tbucket freek joins the family


New Member
Hello To all

My name is Rick

Another freek from Texas! No I don't have any pics avaliable. I only have a pile of parts so far. Soon, the pile will get bigger and become just one part! Hope to be crusin and meeting some fellow TB freeks soon!
Welcome Rick! You'll like it here, these guys know alot and dont mind helping you out when you get stuck
Sweep them into a pile and take a picture were not picky.

Welcome, Don't wait til its all one piece. We like progress pictures too.
Okay, Al, I'm here!:lol: Yes, I'm a T Freak and I welcome you to our home. I'm in Houston, so if you ever get in my neck of the woods, give a shout. As was stated before, there's a lot of good folks here and a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you have any questions or suggestions please chime in whenever you want.
Welcome to the group Rick, these guys are merciless when it comes to pictures LOL.
I don't have pics yet! I will get them soon. But this is what the pics of the pile of parts would be of : K&S Body, CCR frame stretched, 4" dropped tube front axle based off the CCR plans, chromed leaf springs, chromed CCR rear radius rods, reversed aluminum corvair box, 37-41 spindles from Speedway, 350 engine and trans from a 71 Chevelle, posi rear end with discs from a 93 Z28. I'm working on getting the front brakes and steering. Need to find some front CCR radius rods. Also find someone that can weld all the brackets to the rear end. Then I can roll it in and out of the shed!:lol:
Rick, Welcome from Calif. cool and rainy lately, where there is a will, there is a way... So they say.. hehe If you are needing parts, just give a hollar, I will bet there are a lot of second hand parts to be had... as guys are always updating something, that is the name of the game, make it better everyday... their old parts will get you started...

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