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Anti-Rattle Clip


Does anyone know how the spring clip in the lower right of this photo should be installed? I'm replacing the calipers on the front of my car, but neither of the old calipers has it. A bucket owner at a different site said it's an anti-rattle clip, so I think it might be worthwhile to install it while everything's apart.


I think this is what you're looking for. I've never posted a pic here before so I hope I've done it correctly


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Make sure you install that clip on the trailing edge of the shoe ...

Thanks for the picture Kookie, that was a big help!

Dave, I need clarification on your meaning. The diagram Kookie posted says to install it on the "lower side." In my case, that would mean the clip is tensioning the pad in the same direction as when the brakes are applied. However, that also means the clip is on the leading edge of the pad relative to rotor movement. Maybe when you say "trailing," you mean the rearmost end of the pad, relative to how it's mounted on the car (nothing to do with rotor movement). Is that correct?

Just to follow up, I installed the clips on both sides, and the car is much quieter now. This must have been most of the rattle I was hearing from the front end. :)


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