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Any updated brake systems for 26-7 Ts


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Hello everyone, as I've stated before. I have way to many projects going.

The one I'd like to get going on is this 27 T sedan, My question is, are there any Brake upgrades or anything to make this car stop safer?
It has all the original stuff right now and I really would like to up-grade while still using the same spindles but not objected to switching them out.
Is there anything out there??
I don't know of any updated brake sytems for the original T spindles. Most all of the guys use later stuff, 1937-1948 Ford axles and spindles. You can do either a I beam axle or tube axle. If you do a tube axle then you could also use 1949-1954 Chevy spindles. There are all kinds of disc brakes availabe for these spindles.
Ron is right, I don't know of any brake setups for a T axle (we're assuming that is what you have under there, right?) Shoot us a couple of pictures of everything.

for an original T you can buy a rocky mountain brake system from T suppliers for better rear brakes... check out MTFCA... they have links to suppliers.... I have 27 wire wheels on my speedster, a Moore 2 speed drive line trans and 27 rear drums... I have seen Nash Metro brakes on T's all 4 wheels .. It's a lot of work... I have bought parts from MAC's. Snyders, The Ford Barn. With original size tires you are limited by contact on the road. On any T if you break a U joint, shear an axle key, you will have no connection to the brake which is in the transmission.... they also make lined shoes for the 27 parking brake but they are not as good as the wrap around style of the rocky mountain system. I have rear ends from 20's dodge's and chevies that had both internal and external drum brakes. and was thinking about putting them on a T rear end.
WOW Thank you everyone! !:eek:

Yes it's what is under the car as of today... I was just hoping to save alittle $$ But it isn't gonna be a biggie to swap out for whatever is gonna work. I just wanted to know before I went swapping parts out.

As for the pic's, I need to download them off my home computer.

Thank you

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