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Brake setup for my T coupe

Hey RipVW, You just might have to make a wedge of some sort to mount the brake assembly on to so the curve of the 32' frame doesn't throw it askew.

Choppedtop, I was trying to post the MC bracket that Spirit has under their "Brackets for Frames" Master cylinder bracket - Spirit Cars
Hey it worked that time, I guess it makes a difference when your not trying to get out the door to go to work!
OK another question. This is a simple question, What is the piston travel from full up to completely bottomed in a Chevy style 1" bore master cylinder? I asked this question on another board and I got 1 answer of 1 3/16' of an inch and of course several smart assed responses. I need this number to determine pedal travel in my brake set up. This is important because of any worse case scenario I don't want the pedal to hit the firewall and not fully bottom the Master as you never know when you may need to go within a tiny distance of fully bottomed master due to some other failure in the system. No last words like "If I could a pumped them one more time I wouldn't have hit that car." I am a person that wants my brakes to be correct and not just "Good Enough" :cool:
That's what I would do. Just buy one and measure. Better than taking the word of someone. If you don't like that one, return it.
I put a call into RPM this morning but they don't answer phones during the day. I left a message and hopefully they will return the call tonight after 6:00 pm. I don't know what the pedal ratio is on Ron's brake pedal is but it should be about 6:1. My pedal I have measures out to be 5.75:1 That's 11 1/2 inches pedal arm length and 2 inches on the pushrod tab. After looking at the chart that was listed it seems like a 7/8" bore master cylinder would fill the bill nicely.

The site that the chart came from had a lot of interesting stuff going on. I did find references to pushrod travel and they are saying the distance can be between 1" to about 1 1/2 inches. so far I have 3 other measurements that run right in that range. I have a dual disk master here I won't use because it looked crappy inside (Used cylinder) it measures 1" of travel. The other two measurements are 1 3/16 and 1 1/4. So the range varies.
I think I might have confused people trying to explain why I wanted the piston travel measurements. The measurement was to establish the free movement of the pedal with no pressure or fluid in the system. That way when the system is pressurized I can be assured the pedal movement will be sufficient to depress the pushrod all the way to the end of it's travel should that be necessary and have enough pedal travel to do that.

Well enough of that and now it is a waiting game till the new pedal from RPM gets here. In the mean time I need to move forward with the completion of the new firewall and get ready to build a new offset bracket to mount the pedal on to make sure there is still enough room for the steering column on the left. Man these T's are tight in the floorspace department.. Till Next time............:cool:
Man these T's are tight in the floorspace department.

Amen to that. :cool: Though I've been driving mine for 5 years, I still would like more foot room, and am considering retrofitting a footwell to my driver side floorboard. Anybody done that?
On my Coupe I needed to set the firewall 4 inches back and to do that I had to remove the slopped floor board. If the firewall didn't need to move back I could have gained 4 inches more in the cabin. Ah but to fit everything together on top of this 32 duce frame some sacrifice's had to be made. I figured I was at a zero for loss or gain on the move. Fitting this column in is not going to be easy but if there is a torch and welder near my hand "I will make it fit" :cool:
I finally got ahold of RPM and ordered his T Bucket under floor brake pedal. I really like the style as opposed to Speedways pedal. Ron will be building it up along with a couple of other pedal orders. This pedal will fit much better and was priced below the competition and includes a Master Cylinder. I will be in a wait mode now. :cool:

Oh it looks like my antivirus software was blocking my attempts to Contact Ron through his website "Contact Us" link. Sometimes I think software will be our downfall... :geek:
I made mine. I have either made or modified just about every part of the car as far as the steering, braking, shifting, etc... the “fun” of hotrodding!

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