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anyone from southern new jersey nsra ?


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Hi Guys! i'm trying to put the T on the road legally this spring,I was given some info but lost it when my laptop crashed.Can any one tell me what steps i need to take.I know i need to have it inspected by the NSRA before i can register it.thanks in advance.jj
i'm going thru the same thing, i will be regestering mine in the spring. i thought it depends on the type of reg you want, whether its QQ, Street Rod or vanity plates. I will be getting Street rod plates and I thought I would only need pic and insurance to get r done. I was planning on an NSRA 23 inspection sooner or later. let me know what you find out and I'll do likewise
jersey jim
Hi jim,Thanks for getting back to me.Heres what i know.You can't use QQ plated because i tried to use mine from my 70 nova.NJMV sent me a form that from what i gather has to be filled out by a inspector from NSRA.but before that takes place it has to be registered first as you would a regular car.(i call this double dipping)Then once thats done you can call for a NSRA inspector to come to your house and inspect your ride.Then if it passes all saftety points he completes the NJMV form and you then can send for streetrod plates.hopefully i will be driving this century.:confused: .where in new jersey do you live? Maybe we can get this figured out together.jj

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