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Anyone make to Speed Week at Bonneville


I ran into Butch27 at the rest area, that was a surprise and was really happy to meet him in person. I was wondering how many of you I didn't have the pleasure to meet in person at Bonneville. :lol:
A friend offered me some of his frequent flier miles to go to the BuB Meet next week but I couldn't afford a week of motels, meals and admissions this year. I'm saving now for either Speedweek or World of Speed in 2009. I'm guessing the salt will be a little cooler in mid-September but I could be wrong.
I went last year at the beginning of Oct. It was windy, raining and cold, wind chill was about 25. This summer it was hot but not as bad as it usually is. Been thru there in the winter the salt had about six inches of water on it, looked like a big lake.
How was the weather for Speedweek? I lived in the south for a lot of years but I moved back north 15 years ago. I was in Texas a few years ago and I had forgotten how hot it gets there in June. I'm figuring it would be about the same at Bonneville. Maybe I'll change my plans and go in August.
This year it was maybe 95, in the past I have been there when it was 112. The reflection off of the salt is what gets to people. Take some good sun screen and some very dark sun glasses. I have my regular glasses that get dark in the sun and wear dark clip-ons over those. If you are going next year and want an hotel room in Wendover, better get it now. I stay about 100 miles away with relatives and drive back and forth.
As soon as the dates are set I will get my reservations. I did some checking last night on rates at one of the casino hotels in West Wendover and it didn't appear that they boosted the prices during Speedweek. Prices at the Days Inn, however, were more than doubled. I'll find the best deal as soon as I can and then start saving up for it.

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