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Anyone see the blue wire!!!


Got started on the wiring today. It has to get better LOL I'll post the finished shot after the weekend


Hehe, fun, isn't it?? :lol::lol: I remember the very first car I wired when I was about 16. I didn't like all those different colored wires running through the engine room and thought all red wires would look much cooler. After I was done I realized why they do it that way, so you can trace a particular wire when you are trying to fix something. :eek:

Looks like you are making good headway though.

Don...I did the red wire thing too. At that time I was working at a plastics factory. The press' were all wired in red there and they worked fine so why not. After getting lost a couple of times and starting over, I said something to the electrician and he gave me a set of numbers to tape on the wires. All went pretty good after that.

Randell...From what I've seen in your other posts, I don't think this is going to be the deal breaker. I,for one, will be waiting to see the finished wiring job.

Ha! I wonder if we all do that with our first one..? In my case, I did my first job with all black wires. I didn't want them to show up against the black frame rails!:eek: DUH!! After about a year I rewired it... with colors!:lol:
It's really unfortunate that there isn't Wire ID tubes available for atomotive wireing.
I was a Helicopter Crew Chief In the Army and all of the wires had small plastic sleeves with a code number printed on them. These sleeves (About an inch long) were slipped over the wires at all the terminals and along the length of the wire. The numbers of coarse were listed in the wireing diagram as to where they went.
But a simple name printed on the sleeve like Alternator, Brake light, turn signal, dash lights....Would really help sort some of that mess out. That way you could have all the wires one color if you wanted it that way...
You'd think "Painless" or one of the other wiring giants would have something like that......maybe they do, I dunno, I do it like everybody else, throw it together, zip tie it and call it good til it smokes......:eek: "BH"
Wiring Harness

On this wiring harness it is labeled every 6 inches it worked really sweet. I used to wire cars on the side starting with a Honda fuse box. This is so much easier.
Well its going well but after thinking about it I think the picture shows how discouraging building one of these thing can appear at times. But just like the rest of the car you take one wire (or part) and work till it's done then grab the next one. BH I would love to have the wire ident sleeves, if you look close you can see my version (blue tape). Painles does have wire that has the componet written along the lenght but it is a bit pricey. My lights front and rear are working and the engine turns when I push the button so I think I will be able to finish this over the long weekend.Randall
If you use single color wire for everything you HAVE(federal law)to wrap
all of it in a big bundle with black electral tape.....:lol: ;)
I just buy a good wiring harness, two easy days of wiring and mounting and I am done. No muss and no fuss, then I sit back and have a gin and tonic and think about tomorrow. :whistle:
I used a Painless kit when I wired mine. I had a hell of a time. This was before they started labeling the wires by printing the wire's destination on the insulation every foot or so. I went to their booth at a car show and gave them a piece of my mind telling them what I thought of their wiring kit. Then I did something that men are not supposed to do. I read the directions. Things went a lot easier after that.
Tame the DEVIL!:lol:
My way of thinking is " That if all else fails, read the instructions " :lol:
I have seen a kit that has all black wires and they are all printed. For my tastes the multi colored wiring harness is just fine. It was a lot of fun when I wired the Model A.
The last three times I have used " EZ wire " and have had good luck with it. Multi-color and marked every foot or so.
That looks pretty good to me, long as you know where it all goes....
Keep the picture when yur done so if ya have a problem you'll know what was what.....:eek:
My son's buddy had an international scout. All the wires were green, no it tags. He had elect problems back in the hills pig hunting. I was able to trace it and get him going. a lot of work with out colors.
I had the pleasure?of tracing a wiring problem in a bosses kids xshow Vette all white car with all white wiring :mad: what a "fun" time.
Leon renaud said:
I had the pleasure?of tracing a wiring problem in a bosses kids xshow Vette all white car with all white wiring :mad: what a "fun" time.

Makes you wonder why they couldn't find white zip loom.

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