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are "group buy" threads allowed in classifieds ?

Tfeverfred has expressed great interest in one of the patterns i came up with, and while i originaly intended it to be just a diy type thing, its really something that should be laser cut, or water jetted

as with anything, quantity results in discounts, and i was to have, say, 10 made, each item would obviously be cheaper

would this be allowable ?

i have no intentions of making any $ off these, and i cant even say that im trying to sell a bunch just to pay for my own (dont have a T) ...just want to see a bunch of guys get a cool lil piece for their rides

original thread:
I see no reason why members can't sell what they want in the classifieds.The problem comes up when it gets to be comercial where companys start to run for sale threads.Lets see what Mike says but I see no problems.
yea, seams reasonable, but it felt kinda grey to me, just wanted to explain my intentions before i stepped on any toes by making a thread
This is a slippery slope and I hope this post will help clarify our position concerning the sale of parts on this forum.

As noted in the forum description for The Classifieds, that forum is to be used solely for the listing of used parts a member may be trying to sell. This allows members a place to list parts they do not want, without being buried under a number of posts from commercial suppliers.

The T-Bucket Forums staff prides itself on the diversity of the skilled craftsmen who make up the membership of this forum. These individuals contribute much in the wealth of experience they freely share with the forum. We hold these individuals in high esteem.

However, our valued forum sponsors pay to advertise their businesses here and by so doing allow this forum to experience continued growth. We hold in equally high regard those that have invested in us and it is our desire to see that this investment is one worthy of their commitment.

Therefore it is the intent of the owner and moderating staff of the T-Bucket Forums to present guidelines that allow for the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the forum members as well as protect the interests of our sponsors.

Those individuals interested in advertising on the T-Bucket Forums are encouraged to contact me via Private Message (PM) and current advertising rates will be provided.

And now, as much as I regret having to do it, here are the guidelines we will be enforcing on the T-Bucket Forums.

1. Avatars and User Names

1.a. Avatar images may not be, or include a direct advertisement for a product or company unless the member is a paying T-Bucket Forums advertiser. Direct advertisements would include product names, company names, company logos, pictures or other items that the forum staff shall determine represent competition to our sponsors. The moderating staff shall be solely responsible for determining whether or not an avatar represents a direct advertisement.

1.b. A member's user name may not be in itself a web address or company name, unless the member is a paying T-Bucket Forums advertiser.

1.c. The owner and moderators of the T-Bucket Forums may, at their discretion, allow senior members of the forum to retain their established user names and/or avatars.

2. Links

2.a. Members may have one, non-sales related link in their signature line to a company or product. Members may include other links that are non-commercial in nature or non-competitive with the T-Bucket Forums.

2.b. Regardless of member status all links still must conform to stated forum rules pertaining to appropriate content for the T-Bucket Forums.

3. Clarifications concerning The Classifieds forum, and reviews of products

3.a. The Classifieds forum is for offering used, automotive parts for sale. It is not intended for showing off examples of custom work, a distribution point for one's product, or a place to test market new products.

3.b. Reviews of commercial products are interesting and useful to the membership of the T-Bucket Forums. Members are welcome to review products from any source. If the Moderators feel that reviews are being used as de facto advertising by a member, then that member will be contacted about purchasing advertising. Should de facto advertising continue the moderating staff will decide appropriate measures to the offender on a case by case basis.

In Conclusion

It is our hope that this provides clarity on our position regarding those who wish to offer their products or services on the forum and who are not paid advertisers on the T-Bucket Forums.

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