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I had a limeworks 14" 4 spoke wheel on my '27. It was the same as the photo above, but with the holes. After 8 years of frequent driving, it developed cracks between the holes and one spoke broke. The steel used for the spokes should have been a bit thicker - it measures only .110". I loved that wheel and even had the upholsterer wrap it, but now its just a wall-hanger. I replaced it with much cheaper 13.5" Grant - still 4 spoke and with holes. The Grant isn't nearly as elegant, but with its wider and slightly thicker spokes, I shouldn't have the cracking issue. I'll probably get it wrapped to match sometime this year. To be honest, the Grant is the same quality chrome and construction as the Limeworks. It has a hot-rod feel and look as well. And for less than $45, its a bargain.

Dad's '27 has the speedway 4-spoke 15" wheel you are thinking about. Looks about the same as the grant, but no holes. Works well for him, but we both have tilt steering columns. My Uncle Dennis' '23 T has the speedway silver metalflake 13" wheel and is a great size for the straight non-tilt column.
Leave the vinyl long, put a piece of cord or small rope on the underside of the vinyl and wrap the material around the cord. Glue the back of the vinyl to hold the wrap in place so now you have a "tube" with a rope center that overlays the top of the body. Simply glue this "tube" down to the body. A second way is to let the vinyl run slightly onto the top of the body and simply buy "Hide'em" at the fabric store and screw or nail it down over the seam edge of the vinyl. CCR used to (and maybe still does) make a full wood insert that was upholstered out of the car and then just dropped in but you could do the same thing yourself. That was the cleanest way that I have seen and how I did the interior in my wife's T-bucket.
I have hide-em on the curved edge toward the back of the body but ran chrome trim on the sides. I figured with people getting in and out all of the time the hide-em strips might get torn up a little bit. With the chrome plastic trim if it starts to look rough I can just take the screws out, cut off another piece the same length and replace it. Seemed to turn out ok.
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Does anyone have pictures of how to build up the foam around the top of the body (the bolster that wraps around the top of body from windshield to windsheild)
OK, can someone send me the Total Performance interior installation guide ? I would like to see how Mickey did it

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