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ATTN: Start-up headers available to use !!!


LumenAl has started a tradition on this web site by sending me a set of SBC headers. These are beaters and perfect for that startup that could screw up your new shinny ceramic coated high dollar headers. I am now ready, well after tomorrow, to send these headers on to someone that could use them for their start-up. The deal is - I send you the headers then notify you the shipping cost, and hopefully you pay me back. :ciao:
I am honored to continue the tradition that Al started, lets keep it going. PM me if anyone interested.
Man, I can't believe you guys! This place is what Hot Rodding is really all about. I hope someday to be far enough along to use the Start-Up Headers!!!

Man this is what our hobby is all about. I loaned my 60s era ramshorns to a "friend" so he could do a rod run; and hes the type who eBayed em for like 400 bucks. You guys are awesome

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