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Axle ID


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Alright, need some help from the older guys schooled in early ford axles. For our current T build we are using the I beam axle you see below. It is a ford truck axle which I thought was 42-47, but as I started studying it a bit online to make sure I got the correct brake kit for it, I started questioning the years. It now appears that it is an F1 axle from the late 40's early 50's. Do any of you concur? The tip off for me was the extra hole for the shock mount. The spindle look very similar to the 42-47 spindles (square back). The axle and spindles are still good shape and we still plan on using them, but just want to make sure we don't buy the wrong thing. Thanks in advance!

Axle as we started cutting the spring bosses off:


It looks like an Econoline axle. That's what I'm using....

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