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Just wondering if anyone can give some input as to the origins of my axle. It came with the Model A I started out with. It's fully chromed, has 9 leaves, and drum brakes. From the research I've done I believe it has 46-54 chevy spindles and hub/drums. What I'm trying to do is see if I can find a disc brake conversion kit for it without changing the spindles. I've seen bearing adapters the can be put in place so a GM rotor with tapered bearings can be used. Looking for thoughts, suggestions, input, and /or direction. OR, should I scrap the whole thing and save up for a new axle assembly?


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It looks like I'll have to have the spindles machined. bearing that in mind, I'm going with the speedway forged spindle kit for an extra $70.00. From there I'll have to get the GM caliper / rotor kit.
Going to buy the speedway kit that comes with the kingpins, bearings and the rest of the goodies. PN 91032100. Hope to have it set up in a few weeks.

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