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Axle options


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Hey everyone, first post ;)

Anyway, im in the process of building my T just like many of you, and ive kinda run into a little problem.

I have 2 axles, and a problem with each one.

The first one is a 1934 ford dropped I-beam axle. i started to cut the original perches off of it, but then realized its not going to help much, since i have NO idea what spindles/kingpins i can use with it! It seems like everything i look at doesnt have the right measurements to fit around the ends correctly. Is there a good source to purchase or look into spindles for this application?

My other axle is an original model t complete front setup (spindles, drag, wishbone, spring, ect) that i picked up for 30$. Its in pretty good shape, but since its so old everything seems to be siezed up pretty well. Also, i cant find an account of someone using one of these on a bucket. I figured i could use it till i got a better axle (1934 ford above).
Has anyone used one of these? also, how was the steering configured on the original T? the spindles are enclosed in the axle, so a normal arm welded on the end of it doesnt look like it will work.

Thanks for any ideas!
First off, don't even consider the T axle. There's a reason they are not used. The dropped axle is the way to go. You need to find a pair of '37 to '48 Ford spindles. They will slip right on to your axle. Go to Speedway and order a set of king pins the same year as the spindles. If you don't have a Speedway catalog, order one. There's a lot of good info in it for first timers. As a rule they are a good source for parts too.

Ah okay ill pass on the t axle then. I got it cheap anyway and theres probably a few good parts to rip off it ;) Thanks for the tip. I was having trouble finding spindles for the 34' axle.

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