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Baby Huey's Build Pics.....

Baby Huey

New Member
Here are a few OLD pics, I need to push it outside and take some new ones...Bout all I have loaded up in Photo Bucket right now....."BH"


16" Thermacool fan

Mustang Box


Front Old Ford Hyd Shocks, not sure if I'l use em or not.

Trailer Hitch


Frame Kick,Panhard Bar

Front Tires/Wheels
You have a heck of a good start there BH. With it that far along you should be pretty well fired up to "git 'er dun!" Seriously though, I would like to see it finished and for you to have the enjoyment of all your labor.
Way to look ahead BH the trailer hitch mount is the way to go in this stage of your build.
Good looking job there BH. I really like the idea of putting a hitch on it too. I am going to find a way to build a hidden (vertical) receiver like I had on my GoldWing.
Rick said:
Way to look ahead BH the trailer hitch mount is the way to go in this stage of your build.

Thank's for the comments guys...I'll try to get more done this spring and summer. For the past 3 years I have had terrible lower back pain and Siattic Nerve pain in my back and Rt. Leg. So it's been hard to get excitted bout finnishing something that I must fold myself up to get into, if ya know what I mean..LOL
I'm NOT givin up ! This started out as a build for my new born Grandson, now I have total of 3 Grandson's so I'm between a rock and a hard place to get hot rods made so they will be sure to have somethin from ol Grampa to remember me by..... LOL
T-Buckets and Trailers kinda go together, most buckets don't have room for a clean pair of shorts, let alone the wifes purse, so it's kinda like ya gotta have one if your goin to be far enough away from home to stay overnight. We could have a whole nother forum just on trailer building.......
I don't plan on anything fancy or cute, just big enough to carry a spare tire, gas can, suitcase, small tool kit, whatever...... "BH"
Nice! VERY nice! I really like the trailer hitch and I hope you keep the hydralic shocks. They give a little character to the frontend.
Neat build BH, some neat ideas there.
From looking at your pictures Jack, you are down to the short strokes! :lol: All the hard stuff is done pretty much. Tell you how I motivate myself to get things done. At night I make up a "to do" book with a page for various components, like "front end" , "rear end", "frame" , "body", etc. Under each heading I write every little thing I need to do to that component to finish it up. It looks something like this:

1) Finish welding all crossmembers

2) Make up and weld on radius rod brackets

3) Make up and weld on motor mounts

4) Grind entire frame smooth

5) Fill welds and low spots with putty

6) Prime frame

7) Sand primer and fill more imperfections

8) Prime frame last time

9) Paint frame

Now, that is a simplified, condensed version, but then at night when I get home from the shop I get my little book out and cross of those jobs I got done that day. It does two things, it lets me see I have made progress, and is a little treat for me mentally to sit down and wipe out one more task.

Sometimes it surprises me because I will be thinking I have so much to do ahead of me, and yet when I look at my book I realize I am running out of things to do. Just a thought.

Your T looks great and features lots of different little touches that set it apart...........I still love that Caddy engine!!!!! :lol::):lol:

flatheadgary said:
your t has a different look to the body that i like. i can see that's a '23t body, but is that a '27 turtle deck on the back?

NO, thats a CCR "Sport Deck", it was new when I bought the body. Infact mine is one of the very first ones as I understand.
Short/Fat, doesn't have much room inside, but I was able to fit a 16 Gallon Plastic Fuel Cell (Summit) and a plastic Marine Battery Box... I wanted my car to be a little bit different and so this kinda fit the bill..I have seen a couple other cars with this deck, but for some reason it's no longer listed in CCR website...Maybe they still had too much trouble getting the moulds to work and sales didn't go as planned so they dropped it.
I dunno that, just my thoughts...... "BH"
tfeverfred said:
Nice! VERY nice! I really like the trailer hitch and I hope you keep the hydralic shocks. They give a little character to the frontend.

One thing I never did like about the look of most buckets, and thats the shock mounts stickin up like a sore thumb out in front of everything. Even the "shorty" shocks seem to stand out a little too much. Most of the mounts are built like a bridge... So I got to thinkin bout these old knee action Hydraulics, better that frictions and fully adjustable. These are off of a 47 Ford PU, and they still work really good !! The more ya work em the better they feel. I bought em at a swap meet for $35.00 for all 4. The oil you see is Kroil, I used it to clean the shafts and seal areas before I started playin with em. They don't leak at all and can be rebuilt. If you look in Hemmings Motor News ther're are shops that specialise in rebuilding em...Not Cheap, bout $125.00 Ea..
They have several different length arms avail. to fit these units. So now if I can make up a decent looking mount, they should work fine....."BH"
chopper tom said:
hey man ! can i see some good pics of the rear body of your T??
I like the way it looks ,did you make it that way?

The rear Deck is a California Custom Roadsters (CCR) "Sport Deck". I don't see em listed on their website, you might give em a call. I know mine is one of the very first ones , they had some mold problems I guess, not sure.
I wanted it because it was different, still has room for a 16 gallon fuel cell and a marine battery box, wifes purse.
I'll go out a shoot a couple pics and upload em..."BH"



Great post BH. I see a lot of good old fashion "Hot Rodding" going on there. Gotta love it. I too am looking forward to any and all of your updates. I love sbc's but it's so refreshing to see one of the orphans being put into service, (that's why I went with the 292 Ford for mine).

The first thing I noticed on your car was the turtle deck. Proportionally, it's the perfect fit for a bucket. Looking forward to the finished product...really nice work so far.
Don...I thought I was the only one to make up "Do lists". I make one up each time I get ready to go into the shop. I've usually got more than one thing going at any given time so this really helps me focus on what needs to be done. The little sucesses that get crossed off are a great ego booster at the end of the day.

I gotta write stuff down too or sure as the world I'll forget it. (Even the grocery list !)
If I get to thinkin too hard and come up with a better idea and I don't leave a note on it ,I'll forget it and weld it down the way it was... :ciao: "BH"

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