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Back from the PowerTour


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After all the years of dreaming, building and rebuilding, the BMV graciously gave me a 30 day permit (after 4 days of being at the BMV) to drive my '27 until the VIN # arrives. I got the permit on Tuesday afternoon and we left for Dayton OH on Wednesday afternoon. My pop and my uncle took his '27 and my brother and I took mine. We had a blast. There is someting so satisfying about actually cruising on the rod you've spent years to build. It been too long since I've had this feeling!

Anyway, we dodged the rain to Dayton and met up with the tour at the Arena. We left the next day for Somerset KY. Somerset was awesome--the whole town came out for the Powertour. Hwy 27 was definately the cruising strip, and what better to do it on but some '27s! We headed back to Indy on Friday morning to relax some and I took my '27 to Goodguys yesterday. I'm recovering today from the 2 weeks of thrashing then driving. It feels good to be done with a project (at least for another week!) and have no major issues. My '27 performed pretty much flawless--just some tweaking to do (oh, and figure out why the speedo still doesn't work!). :) Here are a few pics we took:
Really nice car Nothing like the view on a country road.
You did a great job Ben. You should rightfully be very proud of yourself.


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