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Backspacing question


Is anyone running a Spirit Frame with a Spirit Body and an S-10 rearend. I am thinking I need to run 3.5 inches of backspacing or less. I am goint run 15" front and rear, 10 to 12 wide on the rear and around 4 to 5 wide up front. Any input on rear backspacing would be very helpful. How wide is the rear S-10 you are using. :soapbox:
Duke, I am running two S 10 rears, both 2 wheel drive models, and they are (as I remember) 54 inches wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. The four wheel drive ones are slightly wider I believe.

I have to run really deep rims on the back of my T and my Dodge with this rear end. I have 8 inch wide wheels with a 4 inch reverse offset to get them out as far as possible.


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