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Bear Fiberglass bodies


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I was at Jefferson car show today and found a guy in Belgium Wisconsin that sells/owns the company and he makes a 23 body that's supposed to be really nice for around $500. It has no floor which is good because I want to make my own anyhow. Have any of you heard of this company? It's handy because it's only about an hour drive and no shipping costs.

At the car show they had a 2 complete bodies for a 32 and a 34. They were really well done and solid as a rock. The gelcoat was near perfect. I'm going to try and go visit them next week and i'll take my camera and post the photos.

Mike: Did you go look a the Bear body yet? If you haven't make sure you take a camera and snap a few pics for the forum. Inquiring minds want to see these bodies!
Yeah but I think he also owns the company. I say that because I met him and I thought that's what he said.

I have not seen them yet, just the 32 at the show. I'm going to try visit him this week if I don't get to many service calls. And the way it looks right now I should be able to go,LOL

I'll be sure to take some real good quality photos.

He must make the bodies I did a reverse lookup on the number on bear bodies and it said his address,
Hey Putz, looks like everyone is on tonight! LOL

I did the same thing here and that's what I found also. Looking forward to seeing it in person. The gelcoat on the 32 was perfect!

Mike you might mention to him that the guys on here would be an open market for his product. Web has some very good advertizing rates for the sponcers.

I will for sure Ron! Anything I can do to help the "band of bucket brothers":D

What i'll do is show him the forum online so he can see for himself. He seemed like a real nice fella and showed real interest in helping me with my body decision.

OK you guys, here is the deal. I just got off the phone with Bear Fiberglass and they were willing to have me come up to the shop and take pictures of the molds and bodies and also give an interview which I can post to the forum. They showed a real interst in what were all doing here and were enthused to participate.

Just a side note: He said all the bodies are hand laid glass with no chopper guns etc.

On another note

If you folks could, supply me with some of the questions for the interview. Are there any points about the body you want to know? I'm still new at this and besides myself, maybe this thread could offer some great information for future builders. I just don't want to gow away with missing information. I'll also take a ton of photos so we all have them on file.

Look forward to hearing from you!

ask about thickness, reinforcements, size, doors, floors, dash, trans tunnel, pickup bed and cover or turtle deck, grill shells
No he is in Belgium Wisconsin.You might want to ask the length of beds he will be producing. Does he make wider and lenghthened bodies for us bigger and taller people.Maybe take these measurements and compare for size.Spirit Industries - 23 T Bucket Body
Just got off the phone with the owner of Bear Fiberglass bodies. It's gonna be a little tough to see him this week because they are just swamped to the gills with orders. They produce a number of fiberglass bodies for different years of cars and he said their working 7 days a week just to keeep up and he was worried he wouldn't be able to spend enough time with me going over the body.

He is trying to set something up next week maybe, and hopefully that will free him up to do an interview and take some good photos of the 23 body and the operation.

If you folks could, supply me with some of the questions for the interview.

It's also worth knowing how close to authentic his 23 body is; that is if any area is stretched, widened, etc. Authentic 23 bodies are kinda tiny for some of us bigger, taller, or gimpy guys. Also does he make a drop-in seat shell. Some people go that route.

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