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beds and turdledecks?

chopper tom

Any one got pics of home made beds or turdledecks?
I am thinking of useing some 50 chevy bed sides cut down to size.
I want someting kinda differant that looks the part,but i want a working tailgate with chains.
I am good with sheet metal and can make a turtledeck if i had some good mesurments to go with ,but i have been looking at so many T's on the net that i'm not so sure what i really want now so i'm just gonna go with what i got laying around and see what it turns out like [i guess anyway??]

This is mine.....(I bought this T already done)

Here is a picture of one I was building myself.....

[attachment=1776:4/3/9/686.attach] I was going to have stake bed with chains...

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