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"BILLET-T" Progress Report


Had a great past couple of days! Ran the hard-lines for the brakes and replaced pads and seals for the four Honda motorcyle calipers on the front. Bled the front and rear brakes and adjusted the proportion valve. I have brakes, except I need a brake pedal. I plan to attach a motorcycle peg, as the pedal bar is on the left of the steering column, which gives more room for feet on the right.

Ordered my Qa1 Carrerra shocks, from Speedway Thursday, received them Monday afternoon and immediately mounted them on my IRS, and set the ride height. We hooked up the drive-shaft, buttoned up the front torsion-bar suspension and adjusted the rear support bars, mounted the front wheels and fenders for fit, which since they are hand-formed alum, I am having them polished, instead of painting them. Ran the electrical through the frame, hooked up radiator fan, starter, alternator.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, the body will be mounted, and rolled off the trailer and mount the rear wheels.
Really nice looking I like the dual caliper setup.

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