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Blackwall tires


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Well, I'm going to be needing a new set of tires to replace the used ones I have been using. Thr rubber seems to have magically disappeard!:eek::) So, I call around and seems like 275-60-15's only come in white letter. That will NOT cut the mustard! One place did offer a suggestion and they have the tires for $90 a piece. He said I could mount them with the white letters on the inside and SPRAY PAINT the white letters black? :confused:

Has anyone done this? Is it a bunch of crap?
Never mind! I found a nice set at NTB for about the same cost.:)
We use to take old shoe polish and cover the white letters, seemed to last longer.
Call me crazy but I think your car would look AWESOME with a whitewall on the rear. Not a WIDE WHITEWALL, think Astro Supremes with a thin whitewall... yeah that would look good like a 255 /70 R15 something with a normal not too strange tread pattern.

Maybe it's just me though.

Spray paint on a tire will NOT last. There's a bumper paint pen thing that's recommended for blacking out RWL on tires.

Have you tried Bridgestone? They are blackwall.
EX JUNK said:

Have you tried Bridgestone? They are blackwall.

Actually, what I found was those and Generals. I'll check them both out when I'm ready and considering I'm getting ready to have her legal, it could be very soon. I see a lot of driving coming up.:)
Fred and all;

I can't find the catalog but there is a quality tire paint made by Myers that our Pierce fire apparatus dealer uses and as well as Pierce Manufacturing. They use it for deliveries at the plant and for trade shows.

It's a tire black compound that applied with a rag. Leaves a smooth semi-gloss finish and does not crack.

Food for thought.


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