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Bloodsweat&gears 27 steel roadster

Hello everyone.

I would like to introduce my new project. It is a 1927 Model T roadster. I bought it off of a guy in Meaford, Ontario who was selling it to fund a Mustang build. The frame, front and rears suspension, rear end etc... were already built for the car. My intentions are to finish where he left off. Here are some photos


:welcome: You have a great start there. Keeps informed of your progress and we like lots of pictures.

Welcome to the forum, this is definitely the place you want to be if you're interested in buckets.
That is cool, a little nicer than what I started with. Post progress pics, It'll help keep you motivated.
Thanks for the kind words everyone. I will most definetly take photos. The cold weather is upon us and that means its time to take to the shop on the weekends. I will see if i can make some sort of progress. This weekend I will pull the sbc 350 out of my 53 chev and get it ready to weld up some motor mounts in the bucket.
Welcome Nice looking project Yeah cold weather is here I had 23F this morning.My kid said at the cranberry marsh they had 14F 3 miles from my house.
What the hell is wrong with you? Ha. I see a Mustang, Vega, Sedan, and at least one other carcass of something. It's like me having a stripped Coupe in the garage where my bucket is being worked on.
Wicked50coupe I can't put to words the number of things wrong with me. However in my defence none of the cars in the backgrounds are mine. All the pictures were taken at the places I acuired both cars at.

Small update - While planning my sbc 350 build for the 27, I got to thinking. I have a built 4.3 vortec motor left over from my old s10 daily driver and almost think it might work good for the car. I wanted to get a bit of input from others to help make the final decision. Heres the goods on the motor:



The motor is a 95 vortec block with a comp cam hydraulic roller camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, roller chain timing set. 97 vortec heads decked .002", upgraded valves to 1.90" intake and 1.60" exhaust, screw in rocker studs, comp cams roller rocker arms and comp cams valve springs. Edelbrock carbureted intake and 500cfm edelbrock electric choke carb. Finished off with MSD distributer with 6al ignition box and e core coil. Exhaust manifolds or headers would have to be improvised but could be done.

I know its not a traditional motor combo but I like the fact that it is different. Any input positive or negative is appreciated. Thanks
I think the 4.3 will work out great, you've already got it so the money and time saved not building a 350 can go into the car.
I think the 6 will be great if ya have a hood over it. Kinda like ridin a moped, lot's of fun as long as nobody see's ya. LOL looks like a great build!!!:cool:
I have to agree with you bucketkids. A hood was in the plan with the v6. The motor sounds really good with the cam, so with out seeing it most people would probably not know its a six cylinder
Hey BS&G,
Any updates, inquiring minds want to know!!!! I love '27's, a friend of mine has one that he's had since the 70's with 289, 8 indvidual pipes with glaspaks and chrome tips, T front fenders out back---kool ride! Lookin ith interest, Thanks---John T.
That v6 is the same that I am using Edelbrock manifold and 500cfm carb. I called summit racing and the tech told me he thought it would be about 220hp. I had it running on an s10 frame for a while and it would smoke the tires without any effort so I think it will be plenty for a tbucket unless you want loads of power.You have a good start keep up the good work.

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