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Body Panels

one finger john

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After seeing AussieT's inner frame work on his body and remembering a project done by George Barnes (a23 IIRC), does anyone have an exploded picture of a T that would show the different body panels and their relationship? I was thinking of a tube frame with body framework with the body panels attached. The frame w/body tubes could be made to be stiffer and more resistent to side incursion while the panels could be removable to facillitate access to different parts of the car (body would become decorative). I still have an image of the accident in Washington (maybe a year and a half ago) where the driver was catipulted over the engine when the body came loose. Never found out what happened to the driver. This was in the HAMB.

Input, ideas or observations welcomed. John

P.S. Haven't heard from either George or Ted. Hope everything is O.K.

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