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Brake and clutch assembly


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I know with the column, gas, brake and clutch it will be tight. I am thinking of using a T-5 behind a Stude 289. That will probably not be a problem. However, if I use the original 3 speed, I will use the column shift(3 on the tree). Does anyone have a diagram for an old style ansen swing set up. I could probably make one and new linkage if I have to. Anyone do this or have clearence issues running a stick? Thanks.
The swing pedals could solve a lot of problems for you. I wonder I you could hook up a hydro throwout bearing to the clutch side? I think MAS still offers the pedals. I have also heard Vern Tardel is selling them.

Whoa boy that's an old diagram! $20 for the master and $10 for the slave.

If anyone is thinking of using this type of set up, The master and slave cylinders are out of a '62 Chevy half ton. The master is mounted backwards here. The brake side becomes the clutch side. There is a check valve in the brake side that you will need to move to the other side.

You want to use 3/4" plywood on the back of your firewall for this one as a minimum. A better idea would be to build a metal framework inside the cowl and mount it to that.

This is a great set up for a manual trans. Figuring out clutch linkage can be confusing.

Hit eGay if youre interested in Ansen pedal boxes. go to and type in Ansen. My dad collects Ansen wheels and some other stuff. I dont have any pedal boxes though. Also, be warned of the new Ansen rims, they dont hve a lot of "dish" to them. look great for skinnies but a little wonkey on the back. And lastly, NEW ansen centercaps wont fit on OLD Ansen 5-slots; and if it has an "A" for a logo its an Appliance mag not an Ansen


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