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But I'm shy when not behind a steering wheel.


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Hi,I can't remember if I done this before,but here goes.I'm a New Zealander or Kiwi as we prefer to be called.My 23 T is pulled apart at the moment so that I can complete the body work,upholstery and final paint job.I had the car going for a summer last year to sort out oil leaks,tuning ,certification,which I believe we are the only country in the world that has certs for modified cars.Heck this summer I have missed the cruising in the thing:cry:.I made the mistake of cutting the doors off to make opening doors but this has turned into a more difficult job then I thought.I will try an insert a photo of it.No,just tried and don't know how too.:lol:
Post some pics and we will help get that rascal back on the road. Welcome to the best T site on the net>
Welcome to the forum Whiplash. You are not alone there is plenty of locals on here(kiwis).

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