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Calipers leak at hose


Got a quick question. I'm having an issue with both of my front calipers. They both leak at the hose connection and I really don't know what's the deal. These are speedway calipers from their kit. I got a corvette type m/c with residuals for front disc and rear drum. Any tips on getting this leak fixed?
Are you using copper or aluminum washers? They have to be smooooooth with no nicks. Maybe they might be to hard? Take them out an anneal them with a propane torch.
Ok will try to anneal them. Maybe I should get some new ones and flat sand them and anneal so they are soft. This is kind of a pain. Any that thoughts on auto bleeders? Thanks by the way.
G'Day Chris, you can anneal the ones on there by hanging them on a piece of wire over the burner on the kitchen cook top, get them cherry red then let them air cool, they'll bolt back up nice and tight no problem.
You could try these Stat-O-Seal Washers.

Stat-O-Seal Washers.jpg
If you mean "Speed Bleeders", I swear by them. They work great.

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