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Hi Guys,
Friend of mine new to Buckets wanted to know what he should carry with him for emergencys....I asked him what he thought was important. I then realized just how much he didn't know. So, this is to be a venue to thrash out what you need to carry while Cruisin' out on the highway.
Theres nothing like having a Hot Looking Car broke down on the side of the road, or parking lot!

While I build motors and I have to deal with all things Driveline...., theres a minimum that you should carry.
1. FixaFlat- has saved my ass on many occassions, usually 2 cans....
2. About 10 to 12 circular loops of bailing wire....things come loose.
3. A handful of wireties. Sometimes when things need tightening, you need a 3rd hand, or something comes loose, that you can't or shouldn't use bailing wire on, electrical stuff....
4. A couple of bottles of Heet, fuel line antifreeze and water taker outter....Just in case the E85 isn't good to ya!
5. Hand Cleaner....just in case.
6. 5 cloth mechanics rags and 5 paper rags, for use with above....
7. 1 pack of assorted fuses....3 or 4 of the same kind, a full assortment for your fuse block. You won't miss them until you don't have any....
8. Several GlowSticks....they'll light small places where you need to see at night without breaking the big lights out....are very handy for looking between your firewall and motor under car, or in tight areas.
9. 8 or 9 round loops, or a small roll of about 25 to 30 ft. of 16ga and 14ga. wire. I, myself always carry a piece of 10ga. also. Also several rolls of GOOD electrical tape, some crimp ends, some wire nuts, and a crimping tool. I've had to do a bypass on the fly before....
10. Jumper Cables....a good set, not a expensive set. I like to make my own from #1 welding cable....about 15' long.
11. Radiator sealer or stopleak.
12. Octane Booster...for the Guys that need it, you know who you are....
13. Can of WD40. You can start a motor on the stuff, also lubes things. Inside of your distr. sweats or gets wet, a rag and some WD40 will get you on the road again....
14. The old set of belts you took off last year? Great for emergencies to get you to the next town or back home.
15. I'm a little hardcore, I carry some water and a gallon of antifreeze.
16. A couple of 1 gallon sandwich bags, come in handy if you have to take something off, save some parts for replacements, or cover a opening that shouldn't get anything in it.
17. A small container of vasoline. Great for lubing gas lines to slide them on a really tight fittings.
18. Can of silicone spray, great for lubing rubber items, suspension bushings, etc....
19. Some extra fuel line hose, some clamps. I also carry a upper and lower radiator hose....
20. 1 qt of motor oil, trans fluid.
21. Roll of teflon tape, a tube of thread sealer, a small bottle of blue and red Loctite. A tube of black silicone. I keep all of these in one of the 1 Gallon sandwich bags.
22. Toothpicks and'd be suprised of the uses....from plugging holes to airbleeds in the carb.
23. A roll of Duct Tape! That stuff can almost fix anything....
24. A few assorted nets and bolts that vibrate loose, have alot of wear on them. Everyone looses header bolts!
25. Tools!:
A. Small set of 1/4 and 3/8ths rachet/sockets/extensions, spark plug wrench
B. Set of screwdrivers....I carry a case with them in it....Jonnesway
C. Pliers, wirecutters, needlenose, linesman, 2 pr of vicegrips
D. Feeler and wire gages to set valves or plugs
E. A simple 12 volt test light, and a cheap multitester
26. A pack of flares or flashing trouble lights or trouble triangles to let folks know your broke down.
27. A small but well packed first aid kit. I've sliced my hands on Pulleys, Flex Fans, fan shrouds, hose clamps, etc.....
28. A small hand flashlight and a penlight, both bright LED type, that way if you need them, you won't be running your batteries out using them.
29. A blanket ot furniture pad to lay on the ground, sit or squat making repairs....I hate Gravel and Mud in my knees and butt when I have to act the Mechanic....
30. A couple of Nice, Roomy ToolBags to keep things in. 2 Small sachels, without the Water and antifreeze, and jumpers, those are in the plastic crate (WalMart Special) next to the tools bags in the trunk.

Hope this helps someone....

No, its not needed, but wait till your cruisin' thru western Texas @ 11:45 at night waaaaaay out in the middle of'll wish you were I was about 10 years ago
Last edited: wouldn't let me edit it....a cresent, Small set of openend/box ends SAE and Metric, and a hammer....
...and don't forget a spare tire for your trailer. (The one you need to haul all your emergency supplies!) :D

All kidding aside we DID use a trailer for our travelin' gear and emg supplies on the two long trips we did with mine.
Much of the stuff you mention actually!
One of the nice things with a Chev engine is the use of a HEI distributor and a built in reg Alternator.
Both are inclusive and a problem on the road with anything ignition or charging related is a simple swap to be fixed.
We swapped out the distributor on the last trip we made!
The only other issue could be wiring and thats easily jumped over for either.
Instead of Fix-a-flat or Slime we carried a tiny 12v compressor and a plug kit.
I'm not fussy on putting that messy stuff inside a tire although it does work!

Another thing to consider is proper road gear for the occupants, like tinted goggles along with clear goggles for night driving and some warm jackets and driving gloves.
I bought an old brown leather motorcycle jacket from the local Good-will store!
I like how its "broken in" and its amazingly warm in cool night air...even along the coastal roads around here.
A tight fitting knit cap (toque) and even a face mask if its really cold or you hit some rain.
Seriously , I've driven my car for more than 35K miles , trips up to 250- 1 way, I carry a multi-tool , can of fix-a-flat , AND a cell phone in case I need to call my daughter to hook up the trailer & come and get us !! Haven't had to use any of the above so far , in 13 years !!
Wow. That's quite the list lol. I'm going to have like no room whatsoever in my car, so a cell phone and maybe a can of fix-a-flat will be about it for me. I am going to try to create some room somewhere, maybe behind the seats, for small tool bag to hold some basic tools.
My 55 Chevy has a big trunk so I can carry a lot more. usually some basic hand tools, fix a flat, some nylons ties, bailing wire, tape, etcetera
If I tried to put 1/4 of that stuff in my bucket I wouldn't be able to fit another person in the car. I don't cruise very far anymore, I try to stay within 40 miles of home and at my age I'm not going to try and do repairs on the shoulder of a road. I carry a cell phone with the number of my buddies towing business programed into it LOL.
Here's where I keep all my tools....

In the car I keep a small but very bright flashlight, a multi screwdriver and a 6" crescent wrench. I don't know what you drive but I sure as heck don't have room in my car for all that stuff you mentioned.
Here is a picture of what I carry. It all fits into a small black bag that is at the top of the picture. I have not had to use it for my car but it has helped several other guys out of some trouble.

Hahaha....Yea, I know I carry a lot, I've got a small space beside my tank under my cover in the rear. I usually travel during the days now, but I was caught out in west Tx., cell phone wouldn't work, Out in the middle of nowhere, cold, motor died and wouldn't start. I sat there for a little over a hour, at that time at night, only about 10 cars passed....finally a guy stopped in a pickup.
I was traveling in a friends 32 coupe. He came to visit, had a family emergency, had to fly back. I was going to take a week, drive his car back, got stranded.
Yes, I carry alot of tools, but I'll be prepared. If it won't help me, maybe a rodder friend, but a few tools are a good idea.
Last time I was at a rodding event, I got elected to help change a guys head....Don't ya love it when a friend volunteers you for something?
But, I pack some tools and stuff though....never know....
Like old Kenny B. told me once, 'Once a wrench, always a wrench'....
This may sound over the top but when I go on a long trip (anything over 100 mi) I first fill by truck with gas then hook the car trailer to said truck. Leave the keys in the ignition. Make sure I have my buddy's number on speed dial. If anything happen during the trip, I'll just call him up and say come get me. Best insurance ever...never had to call him.
Oh by the way, I do carry sun screen, sun glasses, bottled water and fold up chairs. I might have to wait a while before he get's there:laugh:
A few basic tools, fan belt, WD40, rags, fuses and a cell phone, that's about it. Only used a couple of fuses but have helped others with minor problems, majors is where the cell phone comes in.
Nearly all those items can be left at home it you inspect and maintain the car well. The only things that can't be reasonably foreseen are flats and blown fuses. Everything else that will totally disable the car is so rare - with good preventive maintenance - that a cell phone is a better option than tools.
I inspect and maintain mine....its I hate the small things.....I'm, after I get this one on the shakedown cruise, if all goes well after I repair the frontend....I'm gonna fit everything I need into 1 toolbag, leaving room for other things....

This will be my revised list....
Wire Pliers, Dykes (side cutters), bent needlenose, wireties, A test light/fuses/some wire/terminal ends/crimpers/ roll of electrical tape, Nice folding set of sockets/wrenches/etc from Mr GoodWrench, WD40, small hammer, cresent, fanbelt, rags, and my first-aid kit.
Also 2 small LED flashlights, good tire plug kit, plug-in compressor. And a small roll of duct-tape.
Other bag will be sunscreen, polish, snacks,....I never go anywhere without the AAA Card, and my cellphone.

Now, Back to repairing my front end....
I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved in this thread. A cooling line popped off my new TH400 today, and before I realized something was wrong, she'd dropped 6 quarts all over the road behind me. :cry: That's what happens when ya start talkin' about this crap.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved in this thread. A cooling line popped off my new TH400 today, and before I realized something was wrong, she'd dropped 6 quarts all over the road behind me. :cry: That's what happens when ya start talkin' about this crap.

Hahaha...isn't THAT the truth!!! (I'm assuming everything was fine after...only funny if no harm was done!)

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