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Ccr, Almost a bucket.

one finger john

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Gentlemen, while looking on E-bay I found, in the Ford T for sale section, a Ccr
stage iv set up w/350/350 installed (just layed in there), leaf suspension front and rear, assembled into a roller. Auction bid as of today was $3400. Good price or wait to bid at the end? I have been looking for a T less eng/trans here in Los Angeles but no go. Seems there are more T`s in the mid west and south east than out here. Just thinking, John.

P.S. Exjunk`s photoshop RPU is beautiful. Nice proportions.
Always wait til the end. You don't want to pay more than you have to. Bidding early drives the price up.
If it appears to be a good buy look for ALOT of bidding in the last 6 hours or so and especially in the last hour. Just put in what you are willing to pay as your Maximum bid and hope nobody else wants to pay more than that.

I use a sniping website that bids for me 3 seconds before the end of the auction. I RARELY lose an auction unless somebody wants to pay more than I. I have bought a ton of stuff off ebay including two vehicles and a jet boat. And I have been able to get a few good items that was really impressed with when I opened the box at what I paid for them. Just recently I bought a brand new in the box rear sump 4x4 oil pan for a 460 for $50 that the guy paid $350 for. You got look long and hard and be lucky and be at the right place at the right time on some items.
Well the roller on e-bay just kind of disappeared, no indication of being sold or what final price was. Is this normal? Last bid was for $3400. Oh well, better luck next time.

sometimes they end the auction early. Either somebody will contact the seller and ask him if he would take $XXX if you end it now. Or sometimes they also have the item for sale locally in the paper and will pull the ebay auction if it sells there in town. I bought a MSD billet ditributor for $100. Told the guy I would give me $100 now and he said OK and ended it.

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