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Chopped '32 grill shell


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Resinator, can I get some details about your chopped '32 shell? The description on your site is a little vague. Things like dimensions, etc.
The 32 shell is chopped 6" from stock.
Overall height is 26" and 20" wide without the mount tab covers.
It is hand laid fiberglass, has a filled style top and the bottom is rolled under a the base.
We also make the chopped S/S insert to fit it.

32 chop shell 3.jpg 32 Chopped Shell 2 szd..jpg 32 Chopped Shell 3 szd..jpg 32 Chopped Shell szd.jpg 32 SlickTrack  szd.jpg 32 chop shell 3.jpg 32 chop shell 5.jpg

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