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ChopperDave, danadundee and ford4ever - Heads Up


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I'm getting bounced e-mails from all three of your e-mail addresses. And nothing sets me off much quicker than an Inbox choked up with bounced e-mails. I've gone to great lengths to provide verification for outgoing e-mails, so I don't get the bounces.

ChopperDave, excite is reporting your address as being Recipient Unknown.

danadundee, filertel is using some MagicMail script that refuses to understand standard e-mail verification procedures. In another 5 days, your account will self-destruct, so you need to whitelist within MagicMail.

ford4ever, AOHell is rejecting mail. Reasons unknown, but they are AOHell, after all.

Cure the issues, everyone, else you go into the No E-Mail usergroup which almost has fewer privileges than ordinary guests.

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