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I build custom choppers, but have been piling up parts to finally build my T-Bucket. I love anything stripped to the bare essentials and running fenderless. I'll be welding up my own frame and doing all my own fabrication, most likely using a Speedway body. Got a Caddy 500 for motivation. I'm sure it's been answered a thousand times on this forum, but my biggest question is; How do I title this thing? I'll search around for the answer. Glad to be here! You can hit me at
Hello Choprod, Welcome, I too used to build custom bikes before a back a injury prevented me from doing any longer, check my introduction a couple of pages back and it has a link to my Hot Bike Bagger feature. The person that can answer your question best is in Mtn. Home for the Buckethead Bash and that is Ron at RPM that is one of the sponsors on here. He builds all kinds of parts, components and frames at great prices, he has helped me with several projects and does great work, and he is located in Tennessee so he should be very familiar with the requirements and process. He has a direct link here on the site and I'm sure he would be glad to help, heck of a nice person. Have a great weekend and good luck on your build, drop me a line sometime, love to talk hot rods and Harleys, Eddie :cool:
Thanks Eddie! I just hit his link, and discovered the Bucket Bash is this weekend. Come hell or high water, I'll be there. I also watched some of the videos he has posted, and I think Ron's gonna be my go-to guy. I hope to meet him in Mtn Home this weekend. BTW, my wife and I moved to Nashville from Asheville, right up the road from you. We head back over there about once a month to visit our families. We should get together over a beer.
Hello Choprod, Sounds good, give me a heads up when you will be in town and we'll try to get together and have dinner and a beer, I live on the west side of Asheville, if you knew where to look you can see my house up in the distance behind the westbound weigh station. If you make it to the Buckethead Bash have a safe trip and a great time, I would love to go but can't stand to drive or ride that far anymore, would take me a week to get over the ride each direction. My car is a Spirit based one and they are who host the Buckethead Bash, stop in and say hi to B.C. and Josh, they are great people and very helpful and full of knowledge when it comes to T Buckets. Talk to you soon, Eddie :cool:
Yep we are in Mountain Home for the week for the BASH. If you get a chance come on over here. Lots of buckets of all kinds running around, and it is still early in the week.

We are at the Ramada Inn with the car in my avatar. Come look us up.
Ron, that car is my desktop background on my work and home computers now. Can't wait to see it in person!
Glad to see you all got in touch, wish I was there Ron, hope you have a few hours when you get back I think I've figured out what I need to change to finally get mine to where I can drive it, with your help I hope so. Be safe and have a great time, Eddie :sad:
Unfortunately we had unexpected family show up Friday, so I couldn't get away to Mtn Home. I hate that I missed the Bash, but I still plan on getting in touch with you, Ron.

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