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Complete Car


New Member
here it is !!!!!!!!! complete car
just gotta dial a few things in
took me right about a year
could someone please post the pics in this post
the pics are in my gallery titled devon 52 53 54 55
now its time to do whats the best part
DRIVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
more pics to follow i just got a few in the shop
lots of rain here latly in sunny south florida


How is that? :D

Saweet ride. :cool:
Nice job!! Be as proud of it as we are to have you here.

HEY! I was told they are NEVER done!:confused::lol: Looks great, man! That interior is stunning!
LumenAl said:
Very cool! looks great! I'd like to see some more shots of the engine! Congratulations!, now time for the shakedown cruise...

Here is the best shot of the finished engine I can find.


Nice though. :cool:
Mike looks great, nice color combo. Fantastic work on your interior. Looks pretty close to my t's body color. When I took some pictures I was allittle disapointed in how they turned out. I wonder if someone could post a couple of the better ones for me. I am not very computer savy. Thanks Lar:)
more pics these have the right rear tires
but my the right rear rims jegs has mt street lites
on backorder so i ordered these welds to get by
Great job datonamanmike!! Looks like you got a real traffic stopper there. Also looks like you may have some nice weather in FL. We are having some great cruising weather here in Louisiana, but too busy with tax season to even uncover my Will not be much longer and I can get the 23 out in the sunshine again.
Mike, thanks for the extra pics! You did a fantastic job, man! Is your back sore from getting patted!:D It should be, that's a really sharp T Bucket. Congrats!:D
:cool: Sweet, that is a great looking ride. :D

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