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Bill Price

New Member
After a warm welcome in the Newcomer thread, I am moving my build posts and updates here. I love to post details of my builds and hope you all enjoy them. After a few years of builds the shop that helped me finish my 33 Ford recommended T Bucket as a build project. I had always wanted to build a car from the ground up and this seemed a place to start. We had a complete frame already but we decided to build a newer stronger section out of 2x4x 3/16 steel. The guys at the shop helped me set the new frame rail up on their fabrication table, and the project was on. I wanted to do an EV but a running 265 Chevy showed up so we are pretty set on it. We picked up a Jaguar IRS and a TH350 transmission to complete the package. We’ve already stubbed the engine and decided on a Corvair Steering box. Time for work to begin.

IMG_0574 copy.jpeg IMG_0604 copy.jpeg IMG_0614 copy.jpeg imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg imagejpeg_0 (3).jpg imagejpeg_0 4.JPG IMG_0767.JPG
Looks like a great setup, Bill. That little small block, with some head work, a decent 4-barrel intake and a mild cam should move that bucket pretty smartly down the road!
Another question: Chevy 265's originally came with the old "canister" type oil filter on top of the engine block. There is a way to convert them to the more convenient spin-on type. Has your block been converted?

I believe the AC part number for that old canister filter was PF-141.

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