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Covair box dimensions


After going round in circles trying to find a suitable steering box for my right hand drive T I'm back to thinking the Covair one might be suitable. Would any one have the dimensions or better still some photo's (side, top and front) with a rule in the shot so I can have a measure up. I know you guys use then all the time on left hand drive but I've got the starter in the way!

Many thanks and Merry Christmas

Did not have a ruler handy when these pics were taken some time ago. But the box is abot 6x6x6"


I think if it is not reversed it will work on a right hand drive. This one has been reversed.
I spoke to a guy in the UK when i was building my T and he told me thewy use a volkswagon super Beatle 71-74 steering box for right hand drive.
This is a LH drive from the US the RH drive looks like it would be the ticket.
Did someone get enough grease in the box RPM? Nice idea with an external grease fitting was this factory?
Well no it is not factory. I built the box, and did not put gresae in it. It sat for several months while the car was built. I then installed the box on the finished car, still no grease. So rather than take it all apart and grease the box it was easier to just drill a hole for a fitting and greaser up. :eek:
Thanks Ron, I'll have a measure up next time I'm in the workshop. I'm a bit worried about pitman arm clearance on the header, I think you said before the arm would be on the top on a right hand drive.

Rooster, yes the VW might be a possible although the pitman arm shaft looks a bit long. The problem is without any dimensions it's very difficult to see if it will fit. I've already bought a Vega box that is too big.

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