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CRS & Spell Check

one finger john

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Please help me with this. What is CRS. Is it something I know about but have forgotten or something that I forgot I never knew? Now I've forgotten my other question. Oh, I know. Ted, where is the spell check, if you can remember.

i have one around here somewhere but i can't seem to remember where i put it just now!!

Is that the correct spelling of CRS?
Lee_in_KC said:
If you can't remember what CRS is, you have progressed to CRAFT!! Welcome to my world!!
I'm right there with you on that Lee.:razz:
O.K., So I'm going To CCR to get some CRS(?) but I'm just looking, not buying (don't tell Diane that, least not yet, maybe I will buy) and Ted has CRS all the time (where does he keep it, in the garage?), can you PLEASE tell me where the spell check is kept. In Ted's garage also? He has everything!

CRS is a, ...................ummmmmm,...............well, um, ...............Shoot, I'm no help.
CRS is:

Certified Residential Specialist (real estate certification)
Central Reservation System
Cost Reduction Strategy
Consumer Relations Specialist
Congressional Research Service
Catholic Relief Services
Creditor-Reporting-System (OECD)
Council of Residential Specialists
Carrier Routing System (Cisco)
Coordinate Reference Systems
Community Rating System (insurance)
Congenital Rubella Syndrome
Campus Recreation Services
Creation Research Society
Computer Reservation System
Controlled Release Society
Community Relations Service
California Relay Service (Sprint)
Colorado Revised Statutes (State laws)
Cost Responsibility Surcharge
Cambridge Reference Sequence
Cold Rolled Steel
Constant Returns to Scale
Chief Review Services
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
Christian Record Services (serving the blind)
Consumer Recreation Services (fictional company movie The Game)
Children's Rehabilitative Services
Cell Relay Service (ATM)
Certified Repair Station (US FAA)
Common Reflection Surface
California Rally Series
Croatian Register of Shipping
Chemical Registry System
Clinical Reference Systems
Church of Religious Science
Care Record Summary
Children's Rehabilitation Services
Console Replacement System
Certificate of Release to Service
Content Replication System (Microsoft)
Calorie Restriction Society
Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Court Records Search
Constant Rate of Strain (soil testing)
Customer Reservation System
Component Repair Squadron
Canadian Rose Society
California Radiological Society
Canadian Relocation Systems (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Communications Recording Systems (Dictaphone Corp.)
Configuration Report Server (token ring)
Cosmic Ray Subsystem
Certified Resource Specialist
Center for Rural Strategies
Central Receiver System (renewable energy)
Cosmic Ray Source
Contractor Referral Service
Centralized Reservation System
Career Retention Specialist
Customer Requirements Specification (Project Management)
Computer Resources Support
Co-Operative Retail Society
Compass Rose Society
Chairmans readiness system (US DoD)
Corporate Reporting System
Center for Religion and Spirituality (Los Angeles, CA)
Content Replication Service
coastal radio station (US DoD)
Colorado Resort Services (hotel company)
Christian Religious Studies
Consumer Research Solutions, Inc.
Consumer Response System
Co-Operative Retail Services, Ltd.
Common Registration Service
Collection Resource System
Contract Reconciliation System
Computer/Radio Subsystem
Chemical Reference Substance
Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stability (State Department group - post-conflict operations)
Cathode Ray Syndrome (band)
Call Reporting System
Chromium-Reducible Sulphur (soil analysis test)
Centralized Results System
Control and Reporting System
Community Relations Staff
Cranial-Rectal Syndrome :)
Cornered Rat Studios (Playnet Incorporated; game developer)
Change Request Sheet
Content Rendition Services (includes Autorender, Autorender Pro; Documentum)
Central Refrigerated Service (West Valley City, UT trucking company)
Complex Reconfiguration Study
Conditional Reserve Status
Correctional Reporting System
Circuit Reset Sending (CCS #7 ITU-T)
Communication Replacement System
Commercial Reservation System
container recovery system (US DoD)
Current Readiness System
Chilton Research Services
Cataloging Reengineering System
CampReception Station
Custom Routing Service
Cash Receiving System (ATM, banking)
Capital Replacement Schedule
Commercially Reasonable Security
Combined Resource Systems, Inc.
Consumer Radio Service (FCC)
Commercial Requirement Specification
Contingency Routing Scheme (air traffic)
Contingency Retention Stock
Container Release System
Centralized Referral System
Central Radar System
Chamber Reducing Station
Catalog Reengineering System
Customer Record System
Clinical Record Service
CO2 Reduction Subsystem
Contingency Response Squadron
Conductivity Recording Switch
Crisis Response Survey
Correction & Rehabilitation Squadron
Calibration Recall System
Cable Running Sheet
Community Reimbursement System
Carolina Southern Railway Company
Crew Reserve Status
Contractor Repair Support (USAF)
Commitment Records System (Colorado)

Just to name a few... But the ones you may be wondering about are...

Can't Remember Stuff (polite form)
Can't Repair Stuff (polite form)

I got a PM asking what CRAFT is, so for those who have it...

Can't Remember A Frickin* Thing

* Substitute your favorite "F" word have way to much time on your hands. time to start a bucket for the wife!!!!!

I thought we were going to milk it for a week, then tell.
If we go back to the original question, we would find that the original premiss concerned the long term loss of short term memory. Long term memory loss would include loss ... of ... childhood ... and ... uh ... spell check. Where does Ted keep the blue format spell check? Is that check in the mail? Is He sending it to me? When will I "get it"? This could be important if I let it. Or get it.

Well they want to down load still another program, to get spell checker, too many already, so, like I said in another answer, if it is going to be a long reply, I will do it in my e-mail and copy and paste it into the box here.. :) I find I hit the keys NEXT to the ones I really want, but I see I am not alone on this.. hehe

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