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curved frame?

turbo minivan

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this might be a weird question but.....
i like the look of a "stacked" stance on any car, but what about a "sloped" stance? im talking about instead of just big rear wheels with small fronts throwing the cars stance forward, what about cutting a small V out of the frame right where the firewall channels over it, causing the frame "slope" rather than just sit higher in the back like most. am i making sense?

like this...... top picture being a normal frame, and the lower being my general idea for a "curved" stance.
am i crazy?:confused:

WHY??? I would think that you would have a hard time holding yourself in the seat. You would be constantly sliding up under the dash.

When I bought my Speedway kit it was designed to connect the coilovers on top of the axle housing to the side of the frame kick. When I set the body on the frame I wondered to myself "how the hell am I going to get into it?" I modified things and lowered it a bunch.

I was at Back to the 50s one year and there was a car there that was a Speedway kit and was set up as designed. The owner (and his wife) had to run and jump onto the top of the back tire to climb in. These cars are supposed to be fun. I'm not into pole vaulting and I didn't want to make a provision to carry a step ladder with me.
With a MAS body and if you mount the radiator lower than the cowl it looks like the frame is bent slightly. For a more agressive look you can v the frame at the firewall. Do it how you like it and tell everyone to get bent.
i think you are just speaking with the voice of inexperience here. i'm not sure whay you mean buy "stacked" stance.

in another post you expressed some concern about building a car that tracks straight and true. let me just say, everytime you add an angle either up or down, or in or out, you are creating another possiblity of problems with alingment. if you still want to see if your vision is what you want to build, mock up your major componets and use 2x4's for your frame rails. wood is much cheaper than steel tubing.

wow, good comments guys! learned some things i wanted to know.
your right, it totally is just inexperience on my part, so im sure youll see a few stupid sounding questions/ideas from me till i get going on this.
ive always thought it would look cool, but you all make good points... more cutting and chances to screw it up, might make it suck to get into, i might be chewing on the dash... stupidly ive never thought of any of these issues! ha ha!
im going for the kookie-T kinda stance and wasn't sure how he got it to sit so crazy.
norn's "kookie kar" was built using straight rails with an model A rear spring and cross member, resulting in the "raked stance. even norn said "ya gotta get use to riding in this thing with your feet pushin the firewall." most of the cars built during this era where for jaunts around town with an ocasional blast down the strip. long distance traveling was a real adventure in them.

pleaes don't think of your questions as dumb. the smart thing to do is to ask someone who's been there what that trip was like. a lot of these questions are also safety issues and they certainly need to be addressed. i ain't gonna laught at your questions ... well ... not out loud anyway. just kidding!!!

Ronask away..........
cboy on the hotrodders site has a lot of build picts showing a tilted coupster he is building/// the look of some of the hotwheels cars of the 70.s
I think that frame was designed to lower the body by giving the same effect you would get by Z-ing it. The body will sit fairly level but lower making it easier for us old farts to clime into.
I think you would need to cut a huge hole in the floor to correct the motor and trans angle. Ive seen several of this design and you would need to have a extended trany tunnel and a drive shaft tunnel as well.You would also need to use minimum front axel drop to keep the pan out of the dirt.
steve has the right idea. this frame was probably built to use a spring over front axle judging from the horns. the purpose of the "dropped" center section was to get the body lower. the engine and trans would be mounted in a normal manner. the trans xmember just wouldn't have much of a dropp to it. the down side is the interior room will be much less because of the trans hump and tunnel.


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