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I have been trying to get alot of little things done to be ready to mount the body next week. It seems that every one I do I find three more to do.
Any way here are some pics of my seat riser, my brake pedal return spring set up, and my trans cover. Now only bout fifty more to go lol

I have all the switches in the panel

I could not find anything to hook the spring to so I came up with this



This cover will be powder coated and mounted to the floor on top on the carpet


Randall, wow those are some nice details. :cool:
Very nice work, Details are everything...:cool:
Your attention to detail is incredible!!!! I hope you can show us some overall pics before the body goes on. GREAT job Randell!!!

Man, what detail!!!

I love my 'T' but having one like yours is what I dream about.:)
EXTREMELY well done!!!
Damn is that sharp but.......Is that a smuge on the frame in pic #4?:)
Thanks alot for the kind words guys, not sure they apply to me because all I do is the same as anyone else should, just do the best you can with what you have. 30 years as a machinst means I do this kind of stuff. But there are plenty of areas in this process that I wish I could measure up to many of you. And thank you Rick for making me humble in pointing out the smudge :eek: I went and wiped it off and almost took another picture lol. Like I said earlier I hope to have the body one by this time next week, but I had intended to drive this to bucket bash this week also so my plans tend to be fluid to say the least. I am going to Mt home for the show on Sat and hope to look for some great ideas for the interior. Again thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
Younster here is a shot while the chassis was at Summit

That is some VERY detailed work. I always like to see the little things that usually get missed. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.
What I really like is that you use just enough chrome for some great looking accents.

I'd be happy if mine ends up 1/4 as nice as yours. Beautifully done!
That is really some superb workmanship there. Looks like a swiss watch. :)

When a guy pinstripes a transmission, you know he is serious about perfection!!! :lol::lol:

I always called this a hobby, but that looks like art!

Well done.

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