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Disassemble a Coilover?

Mikes Bucket

New Member
Hello from Southwest Oklahoma,

I'm in the process of rebuilding my t-bucket. I'm using coilovers from Total Performance on the rear axle. I would like to disassemble the coilovers to re-paint them (just a little surface rust on them now). What is the proper way to disassemble this type of coilover (safely)? It looks like I should be able to compress the spring and slide the aluminum slotted upper spring seat off. Trouble is, my spring compressor is way too big for this job. Looking on the internet, the only coilover spring compressor I see is over $300! A little much for this one time operation. Any ideas?


Depending on the spring rate you have, you can sometimes run the lower spanner ring all the way down to the last few threads. Then see if you can spin the spring on the seats by hand. If so you should be able to finish running the spanner ring down till it drops off. if you can spin or turn the spring then it's under little to no load. I use to have a compressor tool I built some years ago but somehow it got away. I probably should build another and if I do I'll post the drawings. Hope this will help you. Good luck.

On the ones we use, you just unscrew that big spanner nut and it comes apart. Just about the time you think this thing is going to fly all over the place it releases all the spring tension.

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