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Ed roth


Knowing you guy's you may have seen this already I thought it was cool
You Tube is doing movies now and this is one of Ed Roth
[ame="[media=youtube]Gys-6znFEC8[/media]"]Ed Roth movie [/ame]it does however pop a short commercial from time to time but worth it ,,
Thanks i enjoyed that alot.By the way if you click on the X in the right upper corner the adds go away.
Thanks for posting that Rock. It brought back some memories of my meeting him at the Oakland Roadster show many years ago. He came off to me as very personable and a genuinely nice guy. Quite unlike George Barris who I met at the Detroit Autorama several years earlier. Old George came across as a genuine butthole, a real egotist, and big let down.

I lived in central Utah for a couple of years where Ed spent his last few years. I met a couple of kids that Ed taught in his sunday school class and they all adored him.
That mad me smile to think of Ed Roth as a Sunday school teacher .He must of dun a good job for his maker to call him to soon.
Saw this one on A&E or History or one of those channels about 3 weeks ago. Some good classic footage, I enjoyed it.
And the music was spectacular, a friend of mine has the soundtrack The Sadies.

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